Donate and Support Aduhai!

As we already know, Aduhai! run by a group of people that music enthusiasm and we never think of profit, business or trading. We run this, because we love to listen to music, variety of music and we love share it.


Aduhai! are hosted on our own server, co-located at our major ISP in Malaysia. We didn't run Aduhai! on 3rd party web hosting package because of limited of space and bandwidth usage. Currently, the hard disk space usage to store uploaded media is around 12GB web space and bandwidth usage is around 30Gb/day!

But now, current situation, Aduhai! team got a really big problem that we never think it before. One of our founder cum funder got financial problem. Really serious financial problem since he just resigns as system administrator at one of the IT company that have really big financial problem. Now, Aduhai! funder is jobless and put a big risk on the operation and status of Aduhai!. Currently we cannot afford to pay for server fee anymore to ISP and most probably Aduhai! server will be disconnect and cease by them. We don't want it happen. If it meant to be stranded there, then, no more Aduhai! for all of us.

For every month, we need to look for as much as RM400 for server fee only. RM400 monthly, not yearly. This is the cost for 1U pigeon hole co-location with dedicated 10Mbps bursted internet bandwidth, unlimited data transfer and 1 IP address allocation. Other then that, 10% from that amount will be use for management, mileage and 24hrs support fee for ISP, including server restart when server got hang/stuck because of Apache or firewall mis-tuned.

As we mention earlier we doing Aduhai! are because of fun and joy. We don't mind to close it down because of our current situation, but it cannot be done. We have a lot of supporters, up loaders, 4000+ members and loyal visitors, we cannot simply shut Aduhai! down. We need to take care of our supporters out there. Without you all, we cannot bring all these cool stuff here for you.

Support Us

We need your support. Donation in form of fund, or anything else that can support our growth, are really welcomed. Below are some options and methods for you guys to support us.

  • Option 1 : Bank Transfer
    If you like to bank-in the fund to us, you can use below account information. The amount, it is up to you guys. RM 1 also we accept. :)

  • Option 1 : Bank into account

    Bank : Maybank
    Account Number : 1142 1708 2981

  • Option 2 :

  • Option 3 :

    The easiest way is just by clicks on the sponsored advertisements that appear on the left side and at the top of this website.